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Waterproof Cover or Floor for Exercise Pen, Dog, Cat, Ferret, Guinea Pig, Rabbit
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Waterproof Cover or Floor for Exercise Pen, Dog, Cat, Ferret, Guinea Pig, Rabbit

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The Pets Outerspace Exercise Pen Waterproof Cover Only can be used both inside and outside.  It can be used as a roof or a floor.
It is made from  very durable 600D Fabric which is PVC coated making it Waterproof.
It's composed of a 10 sided Decagon shape, custom made for Pets Outerspace 10 panel Exercise Pens.
If you do not have a designated area in your home where your flooring is pet safe, this is a great alternative.
Its benefits are many:
For inside: it can be used as a floor cover to protect your carpets or flooring.
Helps prevent those little accidents from staining your carpet. Easy to clean.
Keeps any mess contained to one area and not all over your house.
For Outside: It provides shelter from passing showers or rain.
It prevents your pet from escaping over the top of the exercise pen.
If you have a litter of pups, then it prevents birds from flying into the pen and pinching their food.
If you have kittens, it prevents them from climbing out.
It helps keep your pet safe from other animals jumping in.
It provides shade and shelter whilst giving your pet safe and secure time outside.
If you do not have an ideal outdoor surface then this could also be your answer. 
Prevents grass seeds from entering coats.  Also dust and dirt getting in their eyes.

Can be used for an array  of animals, from Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Ferrets, Kittens, Cats, Pups and Dogs and Some Birds.
Very easy to assemble and packs away neatly for easy storage.
Great for camping also as it takes up very little space yet provides great peace of mind whilst keeping your pet safe.

This cover can be used on any of the Exercise Pens from Pets outerspace.  Fits both the 800 high and 1200 high pens.
It comes in two Options: Either Shower proof or Waterproof.  This particular item is the Waterproof Option.
If you use this cover on the 800 Exercise pen as a roof, then you will need to cross the straps due to the position on the horizontal wire.   There is also a special section to allow for the open and closing of the exercise pen door without having to remove the cover.

The Water Proof option also has an eyelet in the middle of the cover.  It is recommended that you place an adjustable tent pole in the middle of the pen to support the roof.  This will allow for the rain to fall away and not pool in the center of the roof.  Tent poles are not provided with this item.  This is a recommendation as the roof span is so large.  The stainless steel eyelet has already been added to the cover for your convenience.

It is a great versatile and durable item that you will wonder how you ever survived before without it.
Not sure if you need the roof or the floor cover the most, then simply buy two and the problem is sorted.

  • Decagon Shape giving maximum room.
  • Provides Shade and Shelter.
  • Safe and secure for your pet whilst doing some outside fresh air time.
  • Several velcro strapping, making it secure even on windy days.
  • 600D Fabric PVC coated making it WaterProof and Breathable
  • Stainless steel eyelet in centre allowing for tent pole to be added

There are 10 sides to a Decagon shape.
Each side is 80cm wide.
Two velcro straps to each side providing maximum security
One cover per pack.
Colours : Navy Blue Only


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